Stop changing color of eliminated players to white

It’s nice that we can check the map after finishing a game but having all players turn to one single color kinda eliminates the purpose of this. It’s too hard to distinguish between individual players and it would be better if every player kept their original color, even when eliminated/resigned.

I understand the philosophy to make it obvious that one player resigned by changing his/her color but not like this. In all other Age titles, players also kept their original color and this was not an issue because villagers and military units went to idle, so it was easy to spot.


Maybe turn on/off button after the game is finished?


this is a good idea, however, there are many high priority stuff they should fix and cosmetics like this.

What I would like to see fixed is changing team/individual colors in replays, in the top-left corner players-table, because it often gets stuck on red/yellow colors.

the bigger issue is that once a player turns white from leaving, any units in combat continue attacking. But they’re neutral so you have to manually attack-click each one to stop the bug or they chase forever.

they supposedly fixed this this season. even better if leaver eco is distributed across, with 30% tax or something.

Wait are you making a suggestion to implement an on/off button or telling op to use some button that I don’t know about?

I am suggesting implementation of such function.

From a development perspective its an extremely easy fix to do. Probably just comment one line of code to prevent units from changing color.

They fixed resource collection by stopping villagers, but they didn’t fix white’s military remaining in combat.
They also didn’t fix gates locking permanently when turning white.

sloppy work its what i call it then.

Agree! Hard to see what your enemies had in 4v4 games when the eliminated team is all white. Maybe … make it a toggle???

while at it, might as well get rid of summary overview screen

put crowns to winner
put civ there

now if i wanna check names and civs lol i need to go back and forth to have an idea who was who, this is especially so in 4v4

but no, they rather put more energy into having an extra tab… lol very powerful design