Stop doing sneak forward range + towers please

What’s the deal with the sneak forward range and towers recently, who started the trend and why is everybody doing it? Horrible messy games, huge villager fights etc. I’ve lost some and won some, but honestly either way, not at all enjoyable.

Not everyone finds rhe same thinv enjoyable.
I dont enioy long drawn out grindy games that take hours. Some loce that


I don’t love long drawn out games either. But you are presenting a fallacy of either messy villager fight games vs. long stalemates of just trash units in the late game. It doesn’t have to be either.

No, i was presenting an example of personal preference.

You don’t like messy games. Great. Others may though.

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Is it a trend though? I haven’t encountered it once. I mean I do get trushed every now and then bc of defensive playstyle but that’s different from what you describe. Though maybe people play more towers because of feudal tower hp buff I guess.

I personally see more forward aggression than before, mostly done by Mongols, huns and Gurjaras (early eco).

I guess its because aggression is much easier done than defense for most of the people (it requires much more focus to do defense)

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3 out of my past 5 games and not even from the same civs, once it was from Tatars the other was Vikings, can’t remember the other civ.

Is quite ironic this complaint comes from the guy who always say every strategy has a counter :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:

But at the same time is against nerfing things that are truly OP (Like the War Wagon, which is already nerfed though).

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I think it’s been well over a year since I’ve seen a war wagon that wasn’t made by me. :rofl:

Do you know about Double Castle War Wagon? Since Koreans got a 20% wood discount on military units + free archer armor upgrades people started to use this at non stop rate on arena.

I think Arena is played by a lot less people than Arabia, at least 1v1.

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I was just venting, immediately after losing a game. We all have these humbling human moments sometimes. Doesn’t invalidate my point that everything has a counter, as i proved in the games that i won against that strategy. But even winning those games was not enjoyable, that was my point.