Stop screwing around, put AOE: DE on STEAM and let modders finish it


You bungled it. It failed because the Microsoft store was designed by a blind alien and nobody can figure out how to use it or find anything on it, it has zero modding support and so on and so forth.

You tried, it failed. Put it on STEAM so players and modders can finish it for you and move on.


Well, you must be a complete idiot if you still don’t know how to use a search glass. Also I don’t think Steam can develop UWP apps nor can modders.

Does Steam pre-sell Forza Horizon 4 too? I could not find this great game there. And do they also sell movies?


moders can’t fix the game as you think.
Isn’t easily… AoE II HD still have problems.
Why steam and not GoG? In GoG a fiel won my game.
Steam lets third party spyware like redshell in the games. Stop fanboyism.


Whatever, put it on GOG then. I like that too. But STEAM has the better modding workshop, much more accessible and easy to use.

Either way, Microsoft has abandoned this game because it didn’t sell well (because nobody wants to use their store). Time to give it to someone else.


That’s an assumption from your side. But I would like to ask you why?


It’s an assumption from the other side that people do use their store. How many people do you ever see playing AoE: DE online? How many lobbies do you ever see at any one time? I only see one guy uploading gameplay videos on YT, and I think he’s Vietnamese.

M$ don’t release/show user stats (like Steam charts) so we don’t know how many people are playing the game and how popular it has been, but I think we can safely assume it’s been a relative failure - and I speak as someone who so far is really enjoying the game.

The question is how this bodes for the AoE II and AoE III DEs, and whether M$ will relent and actually put the games on Steam eventually. If they do, it won’t be too late to save them.


“But but; hey hey!!” Can i get games made by Valve on other platforms too? Maybe on Uplay, Origin, MS Store,, LOL, Rockstar Online or etc. etc. my finger hurt… Yeah? NO???

Oh I get it now, Valve doesn’t want their games on any other platforms but they want everyone’ game in theirs. Now every developers puts their titles on their own platform. Reminds me of people getting tired of Steam’s monopoly, yet their servants want to make them stronger.

Look: competition, even if it doesn’t exist (uplay, ms store, origin in this case), is a good thing. Do you remember how many times Steam screwed gamers? No, good…countless times. BTW, i have said many times. MS store acts like GOG…Windows 10 is the DRM. Which you should have it since they had given it for free for 2.5 years even if you were a pirate, you got a legitimate upgrade. If your ignorance got in your way, please start using Linux like I do.

Lastly, every game publishers are pushing their own DRM now, if you haven’t noticed it, you must be sleeping. It is matter of time 2k and square enix have their own. They aleardt have a website running where they run exclusive deals, and if they see enough traffic, they will go ahead with Uplay like crap. DRM IS BAD! No MATTER IF ITS STEAM OR ELSE!

So you can make a game first, then you can choose where to put it. MS made a game, for $20 this masterpiece was a steal, so it doesn’t make sense to feed lord Gaben even more by giving him a cut.

And no @Dayveypoop, steam workshop is not easy to implement. A lot of games, forget just RTS, don’t have it unless devs thought to have mods since beginning and they build their game and it’s engine in that basis. I am not saying that its impossible, i am saying it is difficult and it requires good manpower.

@AAHale I know current state of this game is a mess (only the multiplayer which i don’t care about. AOE 1 multiplayer never felt right), so what’s the guarantee that it will be automatically fixed when it is ported to freaking Steam? NONE!


Compare the post-launch support of AoE II: HD and AoE: DE. Tell me which is still being updated, and on which platform it is on. They share the same core development team.

There’s your answer.


Actually four developer teams contributed to the AOE II HD edition. Skylabs, Hidden Path, Ensemble and Forgotten Empires. As far as I know regarding the DE releases only FE and ES is involved. Please correct me if I’m wrong. They only share the same publisher Microsoft Studios. And all publishers want to have exclusive content in their stores, so I don’t see any problem with that.

Just be patient, I’m absolutely sure updates and further improvements will come. You can’t spend all your time on just one project if it would delay other projects too much. They were not hired for 2 years or so. They revived the complete franchise which takes time to get on top of things again.


ES no longer exists, and it was already not existing during the development of AoE2:HD.


What @PCS70 means is that Ensemble Studios created the original game from which AoE II: HD was developed and therefore Ensemble Studios is in the AoE II: HD credits.


They let the game die because multiple bugs.


Thank you Herm. You are correct.

Also I mention ES with the development of AOE DE, because I’ve read that FE somewhere down the line needed some more help with lifting the old genie 1 engine to UWP, so some old ES developers of the first hour came in to help and explain certain parts of their code.

@DemurerActor296 Correct, so officially not involved.


AOE II HD which has more players, and which is a arguably still better game than AOE DE gameplay mechanic wise, and it’s platform is, last time I checked, Win Vista, 7, 8, 10 (and unofficially Linux) . Compare that to AOE DE whose platform is Win 10. Steam is a DRM which you, I and every PC gamer made it into a monster. So if you believe them being big is some kind of boon for us, then you are wrong. I can actually argue, since they are this big, and since they have a lot of brainwashed followers, they are kind of bully which forces companies to comply with their demand. By the way do you know, whenever Steam implements something new, every game has to update too. And update takes precious time that got wasted into Gabe’s monopolized machine.

BTW, AOE 2 team got recent boost because of ongoing tournaments. Team size gets bigger and smaller due to player attention particular game brings. Currently AOE 2 hd in steam is doing that, thus more team members.

This is the reason why I started porting my games onto website and became a flash game maker. Because there are certain individuals no matter how many time you tell them, “hey guys I am trying my best but Steam is the one who is being a blockade,” they still come at me. You know why people play games on steam…to showcase their game collection and they don’t want another lazy ■■■ DRM that eats your CPU memory. That’s the only reason. Nothing else. #GoDRM-Free

And I come back to same question, what’s the guarantee that AOEDE will be automatically fixed when it is ported to freaking Steam? NONE! AOE II HD still be the focused game. AOE DE is too archaic, play it for nostalgia, don’t make it your go-to age of empires game. I hope that made sense.


Putting it on Steam isn’t a bad idea. Especially if they do what Company of Heroes did and gave the Steam version for free to previous owners of the game.

The Steam launcher is a great way to unify game selection. I try to add as many non steam games to it as I can. But as others pointed out Steam is a DRM and Store, every company has had a go at running their own store and DRM system. But think of it like the days CD protection existed. Companies used one or two successful DRM systems like SAFEDISC and SECUROM. Now the DRM giant is Steam and it has a huge player base. When AOEO was released on Steam, for a moment they thought it had a chance of surviving. So overall a Steam release done the right way can bring in a lot of new players. It will also make use of the mods and scenario sharing capabilities of their interface.


Yes that is. Need more features and fix the bugs even a little expansion DLC.
I’m playing the campaigns.


Have a player base to AoE DE… With those bugs and unpolish. I’m not sure


steam wont fix anything. sure it will make more ppl buy it, but its not happening soon because of UWP apps.
I would like more a GOG release, but i dont think they release UWP apps.
At this point i dont see them doing anything with this game.
Modding support would be amazing. AMAZING. so ppl can finish this game the proper way.


I think you raving microsoft heads above are missing the point that the game is not widely played because of the fact that it’s in the MS Store. Forget that the store in fact is pretty bad compared to the competition, the real issue is there needs to be more people online playing it, which isn’t the case, which would be had it hit Steam. Yeah Steam is what it is, but the fact is that it probably has 1000x the base of players who would find the game than the MS store.

I think as the game stands since all the updates it’s completely playable and ■■■■ enjoyable, especially in multiplayer. I’d rather more people get to the game then complaining about path-finding bugs being fixed.

I’d like to see rankings, tournaments ala the Zone days, and none of those things can happen with the tiny player-base it currently has.


you make the properly Marketing research to say that?
mostly of that players are AoE 2 fans, same base don’t like aoe3 or aoe1. and compafe mostly of rts with aoe2.
Probably sometime MS move that game there, but i prefer something more friendly as GoG. in GoG you own the game. in Steam you rent the games.