Stop screwing around, put AOE: DE on STEAM and let modders finish it


I’d respond if I understood anything you just said.

You don’t own the games in the MS store either so the point is mute. GoG is perfectly fine, I still don’t think you’ll get the player base that steam has.

I like these “do you have the metrics statements.”

The onus is on all of you, do you have the metrics that the MS store has been successful, in regards to this game?


The UWP is the main reason why Steam don’t accept or come to a an agreegament with MS about AoE DE.

yes, that was That was reason, but mostly of steam players are kind casual.


my point here steam dont have many adventages at all.

better fanbase :Voobly.
better politics: GoG.
better offs: steam
better modding : steam or heaven site.

Steam isn’t a utopia isn’t the best place as you said. if you want larger base there is Voobly more older than Steam, with AoE 1 Steam dont have AoE 1.

my other point : why steam dont let MS publish the game there?

Check this, probably you never try this.


It was a lot less complicated back in 2000’s when all we had to do was buy a ■■■■■■■ CD at the store.


Because they offer…?


Because no DRM.

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You can save your games in a HDD. You are the real owner.


moders can’t fix the game as you think.
Isn’t easily… AoE II HD still have problems.

You’d be surprised what modder’s can do once they develop the right tools, the original on cd has essentially been fixed with the introduction of userpatch. HD is a mess thanks to some horrible spaghetti code

A lot of games, forget just RTS, don’t have it unless devs thought to have mods since beginning and they build their game and it’s engine in that basis.

AFAIK the engine is in fact the original, therefore all we need is mod support.

Actually four developer teams contributed to the AOE II HD edition. Skylabs, Hidden Path, Ensemble and Forgotten Empires. As far as I know regarding the DE releases only FE and ES is involved. Please correct me if I’m wrong

As somewhat pointed out later, ES did not work on HD, some old ES employees joined FE

You can save your games in a HDD. You are the real owner.

Not true, most developers sell you a license of a game that you can use according to its EULA. Basically thats what happens when you hit accept on them terms and agreements.


Because AoE:DE is a UWP application some of the rules have changed. All of the files that ship with the game are locked in a read only bundle behind the “WindowsApps” folder, and there are security protections on the files. That’s how all UWP apps work - it’s like your phone where you can’t go changing a program’s files.

That said, if the game is received well we’ll likely be able to release some developer tools and open up support for deeper mods beyond additional scenario/campaign content. We will have to enable it via an all new system rather than what you are used to because of the restrictions on modifying the original game’s files. Modding UWP games is a relatively new thing, and there are a few extra hoops to jump through. We hope we can eventually make that transparent for you and even provide one-click tools.

The dev team and Microsoft is watching all the feedback and we wish we had infinite time and resources and could have given everyone every option at launch. That said, this is Age of Empires and we’re certainly not going to abandon it - especially with what’s ahead for more games in the franchise.

I can’t make any binding promises here, but I can say that we already have deep mod support on our roadmap/wishlists. What’ll help us is to see how many people really want it, and would make use of it. DE is an interesting game - a mix of both old and new and we really don’t know which way(s) the community will run with and embrace it.

So bear with us, and know that you have a passionate dev team (I mean, I’ve been working on this game for what? 22 years now? :stuck_out_tongue: ) along for the ride and that is going to try and do the best for the most players with the resources we have.


No matter what people say here I’m with you, M-Store is rubbish, I’m not buying any Microsoft game unless they put them on Steam. Also they should stop screwing things up, they are buying so many studies and have capable people and lot of money to work on games. I’m eager to give them my money, as much as they ask if they do things properly. Listen the community when working on your games, do a proper 2018 Age of Empires and you have our money.