Stop the nonsense, Dravidians ele archers are strong

It slays meme lukes which cost 85g. Not even considering mass ele archer with range vs mass meme lukes. The extra range will just melt them and camels too.

So if you’re still calling them memelukes i guess the archer armor class wasnt rhe provlem huh?

Also go figure. Mamelukes arent good against archer elephants. They arent supposed to


im not complaining in the meme lukes. Its just to show that dravidians ele are good and very strong. But it also shows the the camel is always the best choice since it can win against it.

So if you let the ele archer shoot first from outside the los of the mameluke it’s only like 2 hits away from death once it wins? In an actual game this looks like it would be pretty hard to counter mamelukes with ele archer especially if you don’t wait until post imp to start the fighting.Someone playing Dravidians would be much better of making halbs here.


If youre callijg them memelukes my interpretation is you still consider them a joke.


N2m elephant archers are far more expensive


I think mamelukes are in an ok spot. Not the best unit and not the worst. The biggest problem are camels especially gurajas camels. Memlukes takes 9 bonus damage since they are camels AND 7 bonus damage because they are memlukes. Thats insane from the gurajas camel rider.

So outmicro them. Or use archers.

This doesn’t prove anything.
Elephant archers are still very vulnerable to halbs and skirms, Dravidians’ even more due to no husbandry (can’t even escape skirms).
They’re exceptionally good (Dravidians’) in closed maps team games, due to the obvious pocket meatshield and extremely good dps for an archer unit, that’s all.


you just make some infantry to counter the skirms thats all.

No camels are pretty bad vs elephant archers. They don’t do enough bonus dmg. You counter elephant archers with skirms (and they die hard to them while costing a lot more which is why your “argument” doesn’t work) or maybe halbs (if you have large numbers and elephant archers aren’t yet massed at least).


Yes, because you can gather food from atmosphere. Infantry + elephant archers is an extremely food heavy composition (and gold heavy as well).
Why even bother at all, when you have FU arbs and FU+ skirms, with an eco wood bonus, it’s a much lighter combination on the economy.
The old Indians elephant archer was a totally different beast.


I thought you were being sarcastic when I watched the video. Apparently you are not.


for the cost? arent they fairly average or bad, even more so if we consider spear line

EA are more than double the cost of arbs, with a massive chunk of that being food, which is extremely expensive. nevermind “extremely good” they arent even average for the cost

their attack delay is also worse than xbows, on top of their massive bulk, making micro more cumbersome, further reducing dps

at the bare minimum accuracy should be increased to 80%, and CA armour from -7 to -5


mameluke is pretty good against elephant archer. its underrated but its actually damn powerful unit.

the mobility to choose and pick fights and possibly killing whats supporting the elephant archers and deal heavy damage to elephant archers if needed to.

Main problem with Elephant archers is that Elite Skirms are a very hard counter. While this is the case for other untis also, Dravidians lack something to quickly kill enemy Skirms to enable their Elephant archers. For Mongols, this is Hussars for example, but Dravidians have nothing of the sort.

The unit per se is good, even vs other gold units that should counter it (like Camels). The main issue really is Skirms.

I’m not sure if Mongol hussars are the best example if the question is how to protect elephant archers.

the example is to drive home the notion that Mongols have a FULL COMPOSITION that enables their Mangudai. “Full Mangudai” would be quite awful as a composition even in it’s “OP state” and as such wouldn’t allow to understand if the unit is good or not.

I suspect, Elephant Archers are good, just they lack a buddy unit like Mangudai do.

I get that, but is there a good example from any civ with Elephant Archers, or do they all need a new companion unit in your opinion?