Stop trying to make it AoE2!

this game is just lazy

maa, archers, crossbowmen and spearmen. Some elephants, some cavalry archers and thats all. For horses just knights and horseman. For everyone.

So? Same units and techs for everyone how you balance that

Game needs a deep revision


this is not runeterra

  • It is about looking for the enemy’s weak point
    *It is about the rival not knowing what your plans are
    *It is about spying on the enemy to know which units to produce
    *It is about the enemy not knowing where and when you will attack
    *It is about depriving the enemy of their resources and villagers
  • It’s about advancing the era before the rival
    *It’s about making the best decisions in battle and replenishing units

the rts is not for anyone friend

Reparing defensive buildings should NOT cost stone. Bad change.

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