Stop wasting 7 people's time for 5 minutes in 4v4 Team Games because one person dropped

In a 4v4 Ranked RM Teamgame, one person drops at the start, causing the game to be worthless. That’s bad, but we can queue up another game.

If anyone else dares to resign before the 5 minute mark, they will be queue-banned. Good joke. So you are supposed to sit in the game for 5 minutes and then resign. THIS IS AS INTENDED. This only wastes every person’s time.


we could start having an agreement that in this case one of the opposing players resigns, making it a 3v3 instead of a 4v4

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this makes no sense at all. if people get frustrated with a game they stop playing


not really, i havent had any problems with drops

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Agree with the issue. I wish the ban would only apply on the first quitter. Except for premades, then it should be applied to the full premade. Otherwise can it be exploited by premades.


People suffering the control freeze bug currently

Dude you cant just blame blindly developers. They are mostly just grunts doing work they are being told to do by higher ups.

Probably some Team leader, Manager, Product owner is responsible dumb stuff like that, so he can show to his bosses the statistcs, how “well oiled his department is” blabla…


I this ever happens to the other team then you or someone on your team should also drop.

Just delete all your stuff. You will lose elo for that (but honestly who cares about tg elo) but no queue ban.

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dont blame devs, blame the players, we said this would happen, people didnt listen asked for it anyway

when it was implemented, said again this would happen… and its still happening (big surprise)

while if i get a map i dont like, i can still dodge it, and waste everyone else’s time anyway

there’s alternative to dropped players as well, you should get shared unit control, or boosted pop, or hand over to AI. the current iteration is literally the worst possible option

if this is true then its changed, in 1v1 people were trying this and getting banned anyway, you need to lose your last unit to the enemy (like a scout) or wait 5 min

no offense, but this is the most naive thing ive seen for a while. who decides who drops?

Works fine for me in 1v1.

then its changed, ive been banned for doing it. but havent bothered dodging in months, due to the map variety. sorry i wont take your word for it though.

someone else can test it

fwiw, remember you can drop occasionally for free as in no ban regardless (once every 3 days or something), 2nd drop is only 2 min, so you basically have 2 drops every 2 days

I’m doing it every time I get Islands which doesn’t happen too often but often enough to know I don’t get banned for it. You also can see streamers doing it.

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What’s naive about the idea of one player dropping a game in order to save it for everyone else?

the direct opponent. ie in a 3v3 if a pocket drops, the opposing pocket quits, if left flank drops, their direct opponent quits, etc.
slightly more complicated on Nomad

has been whole year and still not fix

Nah, the issue just became much more severe, it used to be extremely rare. Since dlc it’s widespread. Devs aknoledge it and working on it right now I presume

The new punishment system actually increases the burden on honorable players rather than decreasing it. At this point, more players are being punished for crashes than for their own actions. Writing perfect code is hard/impossible, so it is understandable that a game crashes sometimes, but to make a design choice of punishing the users for it is just plain dumb. Unlimited map bans is solvable and would almost completely eliminate the reason for having such a system.

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Not really true. Previous you had a lot of Alt F4-ing. That seems a lot less to me. There are much more games really played which really decreases the waiting time in general. The current system just needs some polishments.

Not sure if this is the option. It really limits the number of possible matches and thus increases the waiting time. And people who only wants to play one map one can already do this in the lobby of they really want so.