Stopping Bohemians as Persians?

Map: Arena, picked by host.

My team:
Persians (me)
Mayans (ally)

Opposing team:

I was able to do a Fast Castle into Knights, thanks to my fast Town Centers. I pressured the Dravidian player with a knight rush, and my Mayan ally entered with some crossbow men, and the Dravidian player was out of the league.

However, because we made the mistake of being too absorbed in defeating the Dravidian, the Bohemian soon started throwing halbs, and Hand Cannoneers at us! He wears able to go Imperial unharmed, and he started making monks since he knew I’m Persian and I may make elephants, which I didn’t.

The Mayan player wasn’t as smart afterwards, as he was way behind than I was, so I was the one bearing the brunt of the Bohemian’s big army.

Because Persians’ specialty is heavy cavalry, and situationally, elephants, can they stand a chance against the Bohemians?!

Trashbow + cav + maybe bombard cannon.

Spam lots of units and pray you have better micro than the enemy. It’s not a good matchup at all.

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It is definitely not easy playing castle age vs imperial age, but I think your oponent’s army should be beatable with anything ranged: skirms, CA, xbows, scorpions should all trade well against halberdiers + Hand canoneers if you can mass them and not throw them 1 by 1.

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yes you have FU hand cannoneers, bombard cannons of your own, and hussars if you manage to break his walls into his eco. In general you shouldn’t default into the 1 unit your civ has a focus on, most civs that have a label of “cavalry” or “archer” civ have 2-3 strats they can go for, for example Persians can either tech into Knights as main unit, or they can tech into Halb + BBC + only few supporting cavalry and possibly trashbows. Depending on what the opponent makes, you want to adapt. Vs the strong frontal push of Bohemian Halbs + Houfnice, cavalry is probably a bad choice, on Arena of all maps where mobility is limited. Persians aren’t a top Arena civ like Bohemians but they aren’t terrible either, your go-to comp on Arena is probably Halbs + BBC + whatever unit complements those 2 the best (for example vs archers you might make hussar/knights, vs halbs you might add HC).