Story progress gone for days, the game no longer synchronizes

Hi there

unfortunately I am very disappointed with the game.
I play every 2-3 days for a couple of rounds, so I started the game the day before yesterday and now my problem is that my progress has gone from the story :frowning:
Something like that is very annoying since I have already had over 100 hours of play and 66 have already been successful. I already had half of the story.
I got in touch with Microsoft about it and they said that the game no longer synchronizes and only the developers can access my save status. Yes, unfortunately, the developers cannot be reached, but only this forum, I hope that there are a few developers around.
Iā€™m sorry about the bad Englich I had to write this on Google because Iā€™m German.

Sincerely yours

GermanDeeHD (My Xbox Name)

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