Strange behavior of the AI after loading a save

I have been testing AOE 4 recently. I finally found the reason why the archive capacity of AOE 4 will grow larger and larger for no reason.The previous RTS game save system only saved the present situation and did not save the battle process. This is good. In this way, you can play a game as long as you want. AI will not become dull and stupid and bug due to the larger and larger archive. But when I play AOE 4, I find that the save mechanism of AOE 4 is actually the save the process of the battle. Why do I say so? Because when I play a game of battle and save, then quit the game, turn off the computer, and then play again next time, I find that AI becomes stupid and bugs appear earlier and earlier. So I did an experiment: when playing the same game of battle, I played for 20 minutes every time, then saved, then shut down the computer, let the computer rest for 1 hour, then read the archive, and then continue to play for 3 minutes, and deliberately let my troops be destroyed by the enemy, and a large number of them die together with the enemy, which reduced the number of enemy and our units on the battlefield, I did this to reduce the number of enemy and our units on the battlefield before saving, so as to eliminate the possibility of increasing the archive capacity caused by too many enemy and our units.And I was surprised to find that the archive capacity I played only for 3 minutes with a large reduce of unit number,was 2600 KB larger than the archive capacity I played for 20 minutes before, so I understand, The archiving of AOE 4 is not save the end of the battle, but the whole process of battle!This is very bad. First of all, the archive capacity is very large, usually more than 60000kb. In the later stage of the battle, it will cause AI to become stupid and bug. The game is more and more easy to jump out and other strange phenomena and Bugs will happen, which will destroy the game experience. I hope this bad save mechanism can be changed in the save mechanism shouldn’t save the battle process, but save the battle present situation.

Thank you @VisionedTuba52. I appreciate your diligence here. I’ll make sure the team sees this.