Strange hotkey problem (CTRL + F + DE + win 7 laptop)

When I assign CTRL + F to any function in DE on my win7 laptop, the function does not work in-game.

:x: CTRL + F + DE + win 7 laptop

If I change any of the variables it does work:

:white_check_mark: SHIFT + F + DE + win 7 laptop (Changing the modifier to shift or alt)
:white_check_mark: CTRL + G + DE + win 7 laptop (Changing the F key to any other key)
:white_check_mark: CTRL + F + HD + win 7 laptop (Changing to HD)
:white_check_mark: CTRL + F + DE + win 10 laptop (Changing to a different laptop with win 10)

So the problem only happens when these :x: 4 are combined.

I made a new and empty hotkey profile to exclude any overlapping conflicts, not that this was needed because when I change to a win10 laptop (same account) it works fine.

Win7 hotkeys should not overlap with in-game ones. (CTRL + F = select the search box)
If so this would also cause problems for combinations like; CTRL + X or CTRL + C, which work fine.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on what might cause this error or anything that can give me some ideas to troubleshoot.

DE is not made for windows 7. It can “run” on 7 but is not supported and has many bugs. Windows 10 is the operating system.


I suspect there must be a way to fix it even though I’m on win7.

It is worth excluding: Can someone with win7 map any function in DE to ctrl + F and see if it works?

Thanks in advance.

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It works for me. I have Windows 7 and Ctrl + F is my blacksmith hotkey.

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