Strange not to see anything from company of heroes in AoE 4🤔

Is it just me or does anyone else expect more features from COH added to AoE 4? not gameplay because that would’ve killed the game, but animations, inmersion, combat, physics, building destruction, rain, weather transitions and so on…

What feature do you miss the most? For me the unmanned siege and super up close cinematic zoom. It was amazing to feel the units alive inside of vehicles and anti tanks, mortars and proyectiles… wish I could have that same feeling with the siege units in AoE 4, like making them more important than just papercraft units that explodes with fire :sweat_smile:


And some might say it’s a good thing :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a more classy “true” RTS rather than a game full of dicerolls and received/accuracy values.
I always had the conviction that this makes CoH feel like a boardgame in real time.

I mean, all Age games are different, but an “Ageing” culture with basebuilding ressource collection through different techstages are core pillars of the Age formular.
If those wouldn’t have been present, I am not sure why you would make a sequel under this big name.

But I think abilities is kind of an influence that comes over from CoH.
Longbowmen digging in reminds me alot of a reworked sandbag mechanic.


Oh thats a good one, which more units had unique features like that one.

Big maybe on the flares of the huns, reminds me a bit of Officer/Soviet forward HQ/Commander ability.

But the common nominator there is just the “are buffing units in a certain area” so maybe not a direct equivalent.

Maybe Abbey of Kings with the healing aura basically beeing DoW base?

Can’t think of anything else but stuff like “nade throwing” or “build bunker/barbed wire” that doesn’t really transition into AoE.

No I definitely did not expect that at all. CoH games are way different than AoE.

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Coh world map is like “civilisation 6” game play, but whit tiny mission map figth, like “age of empire 4” .

But there is no similitude of gameplay, between “compagnie of heroes” and “age of empire”.

It do feal strange to not see any thing of “compagnie of heroes 3” in “age of empire 4”, but it is for the best. (“compagnie of heroes 3” is ugly in gameplay for me).

Age of empires 4 should keep his own way of building up the game.