Strange unit line of sight issues around chopped trees

There’s something weird that goes on occasionally with unit line of sight in areas where there are chopped trees. It’s most noticeable when I’m attacking an enemy woodline, and moving through a section where they have chopped trees. When my units are moving over an area of chopped trees, they sometimes become “blind”, unable to see even a few tiles beyond their current location. It’s almost as if the chopped tree location is being treated like a stealth forest? Or else, is somehow acting as a line-of-sight blocker. From a player perspective, it feels intuitive for chopped trees to not block line of sight at all.

The area where trees are is hardcoded as a no LOS area, whether the trees are still there or not.

When you move units inside that area (clearly denoted by the brown dirt & dead leaf texture) it is as if your units ended up in the middle of a forest.

Now, if that’s intentional or simply a limitation of the engine, I don’t know, but it’s probably not a bug in that sense.

EDIT: This is being fixed in the upcoming patch/DLC:

  • Fixed an issue where dense forests would sometimes block vision even after being fully harvested.

Hey Eric, thanks for adding your thoughts. And yeah, I saw that in the patch notes as well!