Strange units in the game folder

Looks like an eastern nomad cavalry.


This could have been an earlier version of the savar.

Muslim palasin/ Knight?

Maybe first step for unit skins linked to architecture sets.


Ooohh that is superbly beautiful!
That Eastren cavalry unit seems to be holding a Byzantine Paramerion . When I attemt to upload my ‘‘Historical Accuracy mod’’ I get an error stating that my amout of civs in the .dat file is inccorect (and I didn’t do anything to the number of civs but the .dat file im using is the one prior to the halloweene update thus Poland and Bohemia are accounted for) Could it perhaps be that this unit has been added allong with data for Caucasus civs? I do hope so!

It would be epic to have this as the Armenian Ayruzdi cav!

Probably either a Beta unit or a unit for an upcoming event.

A possibility which isn’t excludable is that it’s a UU for a new civ, which would indicate something in the direction of the Middle East/Central Asia/Caucasus.

There’s nothing indicating a new DLC on SteamDB though, so I would rather say it’s a (yet?) unused unit.

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This is a idle animation b for the its removed so dont get your hopes up.

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Considering I consider a Caucasian DLC not a priority, that’s nice to hear.

You have to add Poles and Bohemians in that case. Has nothing to do qith this unit thats bwen around since forever

No what I’m saying is that I already have to Poles and Bohemiand in the .dat file and I have been playing with them for a few months now using the local .dat file. But when I attempt to upload it to the mods page, and play it I get an error that reads: The amount of civs in the .dat file is incorrect.

In that case no idea 11

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