Stream Overlay for Age of Empires IV now!

Hi everyone, I’m new to the aoe4 community, but many people know me as a developer of useful tools for aoe3. At the request of some streamers, I have added support for aoe4 in the Stream Overlay application.

In short, the application is designed to install animated backgrounds with various elements (countdown timer, schedule, player panel with civ icons, score and pictures of players, logos, map pool, etc.). It is used in almost all aoe3 tournaments since 2018.

For those who want to start using and get to know this application in more detail, you can visit my github page, read wiki or watch the video guide.

Some screenshots:


Large update was released!

Version 0.3.3

  • Added new animated background: The Earth.
  • Added veto/ban system for civs and maps.
  • Added 2 new civs for aoe4.
  • Added ability to snap overlay elements with adjustments lines.
  • Added a built-in tutorial with a character Commando Merr.
  • Reduced overall app size in almost 2 times.
  • Fixed the jumping behavior when dragging elements in overlay window.

Download: VladTheJunior/StreamOverlay: A tool to create a professional looking overlay with an animated video background for Age of Empires 3 streams (
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