Streamer Showcase Wiki


Hello Age Community!

The streamer showcase threads in each Age game forum category have been wololo’d into wiki posts. What this means is that trusted forum users have the ability to add new streamers and remove inactive streamers as needed. @Epd999 and I created these streamer showcase topics to highlight current active streamers. However, once the edit window has closed moderator action is required to make the topics relevant again. This is why I feel that a collaborative streamer showcase topic is the right choice. If there is abuse of these wiki topics they will be wololo’d back to ordinary forum posts. However, I feel that the community can be trusted to promote their own. Please keep streamer showcase URLs limited to Mixer and Twitch. If you have any questions please send me a private message or leave a comment below.

If these wiki topics are successful, I will look into making other topics wiki as well such as the Game Resources and Support Resources for each Age game.

The streamer showcase topics for each Age game are linked below: