Streltsy not balanced

There doesnt seem to be a cost efficient hard counter to them. With their high damage 42 (and increasing attack rate while they stand) they melt every heavy infantry or knights (we dont talk about the nerfed horsemen here).
What bothers me most is that it kills mangonels with ease, not like archers who cant penetrate siege.

On top of it, it is too cheap, just 90 food / 90 gold.
On camparison the Handcannoneer: 120 food / 120 gold which they NERFED from 42 to 35 damage.
So the devs thought we need to nerf the Handcannoneer but forgot the streltsy which are cheaper and have higher attack rate???

I suggest we nerf them too:

  • Reduce damage to 30 from 42 (because they are cheaper than Handcannoneer and have higher attack rate)
  • Reduce damage against siege, so we can hardcounter them and RUS have at least to do sth against enemy siege (oh wait they have the best springalds)
  • Increase cost to at least 100 food / 100 gold


  • just take away bonus attrack rate

They also nerfed the damage of streltsy but just did not mention it in the patch notes. Usually archers counter them the best from my experience. I actually barley see them in 1v1s only in team games and in there fire lancers just wipe them so easily.


“they melt every heavy infantry or knights” bro that’s what they counter lol, that’s like complaining that spears counter cavalry… DUH. Anyway, assuming they revert horsemen nerfs, a combined force of archers, backed up by proper siege should deal with them. The bonus attack rate comes from the streltsy being stationary so if you can make them move with siege or by kiting, they don’t benefit from that at all really. If you time your horsemen charges for distraction with some mangonel shots, I’m sure you’ll be fine.


lmao, Streltsy just got nerfed. Mangonels destroy them hard. Archers very cost effective as well.