Stress Test Feedback (Walls)

So overall I really liked AOE4. Really excited for the launch. Most of the problems seemed to be small issues like my HRE priest not autohealing, no flags on my q up paths…but the foundation seems to be there.

I wanted to give my opinion, or suggestion on changes I’d like to see, in this instance with walls.

I loved the revamp walls, they looked intimidating, and you can place units on top. However the later mechanics doesn’t have enough umph to be viable in my opinion. Things I’d like to see…

  1. Units get a little more protection, I know they get some but I don’t think its enough for me to warrant every putting units up there.

  2. A little more sight.

  3. Some better organization. I think when you send a unit up, they should organize themselves on the wall, like in special slots, so it looks crisped and organized. Sending units up there they just looked clumped.

  4. I’d like to see some upgrade mechanics on bare walls. Maybe oil vats, that if manned can be spilled on battering rams or something along those lines.

Just my 2 cents. Hope a lot of small issues get fixed more launch.


walls also need HP upgrades, currently they go down way too fast


Let the fortified walls return.


It was always possible to climb the walls through the door for my enemies. the ‘close door’ mechanic seemed pretty buggy to me. And enemy archers could just fire their arrows through the wall, hitting my troops behind the wall (on the ground). i hope it gets fixed-

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Also placing walls was a bit of a hassle. Never really sure if the walls were sealed off at the right angle, and often it wouldn’t allow you to place walls (they’d turn red) very easily which made it difficult to connect them at times. But I really enjoyed placing my archers on top :slight_smile:

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