Stretched buildings/spaced buildingd

Anyone know how to solve issue where every building is treched or spaced out. Like you can see spaces between walls despite the wall being continous and connected?


Hello Sluggster, welcome to the forums!

So, I have to admit that I didn’t quite understood what you meant. Could you provide further informartion on your concern? A screenshot would be nice.

Hi @Sluggster, Do you have the Enhanced Graphics Pack installed? I know there is an issue with the scale of units and buildings when the version of the game doesn’t match the graphics pack. Reinstalling the game should fix the issue.

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I have this problem too!
I played with a friend online and we screenshot both screens and it looks completely different. All of my buildings seem to be spaced further apart and their is a gap between all wall sections.
Anyone have any ideas how to fix?

Hi @StevesBawz, Do you have the Enhanced Graphics Pack installed? If so, reinstalling the pack resolves the issue for most users.

Actually the opposite was true in my case. Today I installed enhanced graphics and it fixed it. Thanks for the speedy reply!