Strongest civ on Post IMP Infinite Resources setting?

What do you think are the strongest civs on Post IMP infinite resources setting? Also strongest set of civs on infinite resources setting in a 4v4 game.

I would have to say Persians for both. Brainless war elephant spam nearly kills everything. I found a lot in my games once I mass enough castles you are nearly unstoppable with the war elephant spam. Faster town centers help me spam out more villagers faster to help me spam castles.

It’s like deathmatch. Good deathmatch civilizations usually good in that setting. But I don’t think civilizations has discount bonus better than quality civilizations like I think Japanese better than Goths.

I will say Magyars or Mongols for Cavalry Archers. Celts siege can be nice too. Maybe Japanese or Korean Towers and Turkish Bombard Towers can be good.

As always, it depends on the matchup. Usually civs with power units like Elephants will do best, because they are pop-efficient, but imagine you go full War Elephant and the enemy is Tatars and has Flaming Camels ready waiting for you, with Halberdiers and Monks as a back-up?

You always have to adapt to what your opponent is doing, there is no single best for all situations.

It will become all about quality, not about quantity.
You can make enough military buildings to just spam units like the goths. Eco isnt an issue at all. It is really about having the most population efficient units. Units that are normally too expansive to mass, now became viable.

Vills kind of only matter at the start of the game. So it will give you a quick start, but in the end i think you would even delete most of you vills since the just dont add much. After putting down the military buildings and houses, there is no need for villagers anymore. In the end quicker working TCs wont help you that much.

When you pick your civs, then you dont know the civs of the enemy. So you cant really take them into account when discussion such question.

Forward castles to get map control is nice with lots of villagers. With more castles more elephants spawning at the frontline.