Strongest Civ With Full Tech And Civ Bonuses?

Who do you think would be the strongest civ with full tech and civ bonuses? (this can be done using mods)

Edit: I made mod in which you can test this All Techs With Civ Bonus Mod:

Does this include all civs getting eagles/lancers/elephant/camel/knights?

If so my guess would be probably Chinese, Mayans or Aztecs

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Khmer would be too strong too.

Khmer with Teuton farm cost and slav bonus added to the trickle would be super heavy on food

I don’t think he’s saying you get all civs bonuses. Just your civ bonuses + all techs/units


Also something to be said for FU trashArbs (with Persians), Farimba Paladin + FU Halbcarls + Champcarls, if you’re playing a closed map (Malians), or getting all the advantages of the Goth spam without any of the Goth downsides.
Also Indians or Britains, 2 civs normally held back by lacking key techs.


So hard to judge. Even forgetting about having all units available, if I imagine things like Mangudai with a full blacksmith upgrade, or a halb + huskarl spam also with full BS, that stuff would be very hard to stop. It would be interesting to play such a mod for a while to find out.

I wonder if we would end up with a case of “everyone is OP so no one is OP”


Arambai with armor and eagles with exttes damage. Burmese might be good. Frank paladins with 200+ HP or cheap FU malay Elefants.

I think in 1v1 trash arbs would be extremely op

Chinese, since they could actually afford All Techs, if they had them.

Goth spam Eagles would be pretty fun haha

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Would arambai be affected by thumb Ring?

This is actually quite a tough question because it’s not very obvious what would make some unit OP. Usually it’s something strong that would be even stronger given a general tech. A few notable ones I could think of:

  • Cheaper Berber Paladins. Also Berber Imperial Camel Riders (they’re not a unique unit!)
  • Briton archers with thumb ring… Longbowmen with thumb ring even. Also Briton tech tree is quite lacking so full tech tree sounds like a huge bonus.
  • Bulgarians with stirrups affecting Paladins… that sounds HUGE.
  • Burmese Arambai getting armor upgrades sounds very scary. They won’t get countered by archers anymore.
  • Byzantine Cataphracts with bloodlines.
  • Celts getting furor celtica bombard cannons… stupendous.
  • Chinese with block printing and gunpowder just to top off their CKN death ball.
  • Franks with fully upgraded cavalry archers.
  • Goth spam with fully upgraded infantry.
  • Huns are probably the civ that has the skimpiest tech tree in the game.
  • Malay elephants that are cheap with bloodlines.
  • Malians with Farimba Paladins, Hussars, Imperial Camel Riders!
  • Mongols with actual late game economy upgrades is pretty insane. Also Mangudai becoming even stronger with extra armor.
  • Persian trash Arbalesters?!
  • Saracen Imperial Camels (the Imperial Camel is not a unique unit!).
  • Teuton Paladins with husbandry!
  • Turks getting trash…
  • Vikings with extra HP halbs + chieftains. Also Vikings with extra HP eagle warriors!

I think more interestingly is that some civs would be absolutely screwed over by a full tech tree, notably Indians with probably the worst unique unit in the game, as well as a unique unit that’s not a unique unit.

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Goths, imagine having ew with faster barracks, condotiero and all of them very very cheap, huskarls with 12 pierce armor oh boy.

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You forgot that they would also get Farimba Battle Elephants and Steppe Lancers, which would make them the best at both of those.


Yes Arambai with 100% accuracy. :joy:

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They are a civ bonus tho, so they would still be an Indian exclusive.

Actually getting champs as soon as you hit imp sounds even more stupidly broken. And there is bagains to top it off!

And now their BBC snipes absolutely everything. Thx siege engineers!


I think, he means go for your own game and activate all technology. That include eagle warriors, steppe Lancer, elephants but no Imperial Camel, Condottiero or something like that.


I think Malay would be ridiculously op!
The cheap elephants not only with Bloodlines, but especially with Chain Barding and Plate Barding Armor PLUS Champions that only cost food.

Plus them getting Arson and Supplies on top of building attack bonus and cheaper infantry.

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“All techs and all civ bonuses”?

I mean, now we’re in the world where everyone starts with 7 villagers (chinese + mayan) and a llama (incas) with 150 food (lithuanians) in the bank, the Llama has more than 60% more food in it (mayan + tatars bonuses) and you gather from them 25% faster (britons). You’re going to have insane uptimes, at which point your faster built (spanish) feudal TC (cumans) costs 65% less wood (britons + malians) and stone (incas + bulgarians). Don’t forget you have wheelbarrow (vikings) and you don’t need houses (huns).

Every civ has 30% cheaper, fully upgraded Battle Elephants, so it’s all about what you put behind it. Every eco would be the same up to that point, with villagers teleport dropping food khmer style and every eco tech upgraded for free (burmese for wood, Franks for food, tc ups from Vikings) except Gold Shaft Mining and the Stone upgrades. So, given that in mind, I think you have to go Italians. Every single player who understands the meta option of an elephant frontline would need to find an effective answer to kill them, and there is generally speaking, no better option than the Genoese. Mind you, these Elephants have heresy and faith available.

I don’t know how you arrive at a different answer. Maybe you justify going Saracens for the Mameluke, but I’m not certain it fares much better than the Genoese and at it’s cost, it’s going to be hard to replace that army. So yeah. I’d put my money on Italians.