Strongly request to increase the server in mainland China, if you want it to sell hot in mainland China!

Due to well-known reasons (Great Firewall of China, GFW for short), when Chinese mainland gamers connect to foreign players, there will be serious network delays and packet loss. Finally, they waited until the release of the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. But because of GFW, the gaming experience is very, very, very poor! ! The network freezes, delays, and dropped connections constitute the main body of the game process, which discourages players who have not yet purchased this game! ! So, if you want a large number of players in mainland China to have a good experience, if you want to double the sales of this game, and if you want the Empire 3 decisive version to remain hot for a long time, then please build a mainland China Server for a large number of players in China! Hope to accept suggestions, thank you!