Struggle for Japan mod not workinf How to troubleshoot?

I don’t think the Struggle for Japan scenario by Hamster something is working right. This is my first attempt at using a mod scenario or much in the way or mods. The other clans aren’t present on the board (it could be I’m playing on moderate), more importantly my save games CTD after about 30 minutes.

I did download a bunch of other data moods like a one that is supposed to add new 2X2 milk and meat farm buildings and passively add food like a Port. Trading post, the mod is called milk, so I don’t know if they interfered. Maybe I just had a bad download or the new Indian Dynasties updates broke the mod.

In any case I have questions about the merchant system I have no idea who to ask about except to pester the mod author himself. I’d like to do that as a last resort because I don’t want to be that kind of fan.

If it uses a datamod, that probably broke. When they release new DLCs, the number of civs in the datamod no longer matches the real game, so the data mod doesn’t work. Try without the mod.

SO how do I disable datamods? With the others I can simply uncheck them. There doesn’t seem to be an unclick button. I can unsubscribe but that it


These mods I’m talking about have a sawblade looking icon instead of a checkbox. I can’t get any more information than that. I cannot check or uncheck them. SO I don’t know if they are active or unactive.

They aren’t active unless you choose to enable them when you play a scenario.