Stuck Loading

I have a new 2022 Rog G14 laptop from Asus. It wouldn’t load any matches in multiplayer or campaign past about 80%. I tried reinstalling and uninstalling, changing settings and making sure everything was updated.

It was incredibly frustrating to not have a dedicated topic to find what I could do cause I heard y’all are terrible at fixes.

It ended up being something incredible stupid located in your documents-my game-age of empires-user- and deleting everything in data and saved games that let the loading go past 80%!!

Get your ■■■■ together and tell people how to fix this or fix that folder!!

Apologies that you ran into issues, but I’m glad you found a fix!

I’ll take your feedback to the CS team—we definitely want a smooth experience, especially in the face of problems. Thank you for the feedback!