Stuck on Validating Subscriptions with Auto Close Enabled

When I startup the game, the validating subscriptions box does not close, even though auto close is checked (don’t get confused! My issue is not the game is stuck on it, it just doesn’t disappear even while intro sounds are playing. I can get to the menu page by clicking my mouse). I enjoy watching the intro, and i don’t know why it is not disappearing (on my PC there is no problem but on my laptop there is).

This photo shows what the screen looks like during the game intro (also to note is the timer does not keep counting, but stays put). When the intro plays through and finishes, the game continues as normal to the menu. If anyone has any solutions, please post. Thanks

This is a known bug to me. Just click on Automatically close and play. But interesting to hear that it doesn’t happen on your PC. Actually your question should be answered by Steam I guess because that validation subscription part they added to the game.

Lol i already said its checked and that it is not froze to it and i can get off by waiting for the intro sounds to finish or clicking my mouse. I’ve posted on Steam too ya. But i like watching the intro

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Now I got your question.

Amazing, it does close automagically! I never waited that long unless it was a beautiful sunset or waterfall. :wink:

??? No it doesn’t close automatically. I have to click or press enter to skip. But i WANT to watch the intro, and it stays on showing ‘Validating Subscriptions’ page even though you can still hear the background sounds

I have exactly the same issue. I also have a laptop (Windows 10 64-bit), so maybe this is some kind of a laptop specific issue?
I have never waited till the intro sounds end. Instead I just click with mouse and get into menu. Guess I can watch the intro from youtube…

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Yes it does. At least for me it closes automatically, but it takes really long time to wait. I guess there should be an overlay showing some kind of video. But with those Steam streamed apps it’s not easy to find out where it’s coming from and why it ain’t showing.

Yes it will close automatically if I wait the whole intro

What are your laptop specs?

Approximately these. Only instead of 256 SSD I have 128 GB SSD and 1 TB normal HD.

my potato

I can’t find your potato’s specifications from that page :frowning:
It would be interesting if other laptop users would write whether they have this “validating subscriptions” issue or not

Just Click somewhere in the screen.
I have also this issue.

I know that, my problem is i that it won’t display intro video, i can easily get to the game menu.

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