Stupid but intresting civ idea

The premise for this civ is that it is missing all melee and archer armor upgrades and archer armor upgrades but, all melee units receive +1/1 castle age and +2/2 imperial age while archer deal +1/2 DMG in castle/imperial age. Essentially all non-seige range units are glass cannons and melee units are low Dps tanks. This recontextualize basically every matchup. Arbs becomes unapproachable by Melee units (except Huskarls) once sufficiently massed they become more they now take a devastating +4 damage from range units, Skirms now deal 9 damage but now have the same Pa as generic Arbs Cav archers become an more effective hit and run/ raiding units but require constant babysitting to not die. The knight-line Shred archer but becomes even more venerable to Monks Camels and Pikemen. Swordsmen become no longer die to archer but can be countered by other melee units and HC. Champions replace Arbs as the go to Halb counter unit. Thoughts

Essentially Range units shred melee units and melee units don’t die to range units.