Stuttering camera movement when spectating at 2x speed

Hello, the fast forward button makes the camera stutter. It happens when spectating a game.


Hey @Eroglas! This isn’t something I see on my end. Is this something you see in every replay or just a particular one? I do know that system spec can determine how well replays run.


If this does seem less like a system specs quirk and more like a problem, you may want to contact support here with a summation of your problem and your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Thanks!

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Sorry for late reply: The problem is a bit more complex now that I was watching another gameplay. The thing is that the camera stutter, but gameplay do not fast forward itself.

If you say that you do not have a problem while spectating, then it’s a problem in my end. Just wanted to make sure if this is a know issue or something about my game.

My specs are fine since I can play the game at maximum resolution.

Thanks for the helps anyway.

@Eroglas have you tried changing your camera type? If you’re on free camera and looking at particular gameplay elements (fog of war, for example), it may not appear to speed up. If you are watching a particular player’s camera, the speed increase should be pretty apparent.

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Yeah, I don’t have camera shuddering problems when watching live games or replays on faster speeds. Would like to see an option to "go back’/rewind tho :slight_smile:


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