Submitting Mod Will not allow tags


First of all under “type” there is no accurate description, I only have options: “campaign”, “custom campaign”, “multiplayer scenarios” and “single player scenarios” None of those apply.

I have had my mod (Watering Hole RMS) up in the mod center for a while, but if I edit it to add “random map” tag (or anything else) it will not let me. It gives me no option for tags and when I type in “random map” nothing happens, when I hit enter it triggers the “submit” button and uploads my update.

How do I add a “random map” tag?

Also what is strange is in game under my mods it says “random map” as a tag, but when you browse mods and filter “random map” it does not show!

Thanks in advance for your help

Here is a link to the mod if that helps: Mods Single - Age of Empires

Got to where it says “Age of Empires II DE” and select “Age of Empires II DE” (again). The tags you currently see are the ones for AoE I DE and appear by default. Re-selecting AoE2DE fixes it.


Please try to reselect drop down list option with this order Game > Type > Tags.

Thanks Zetnus, that worked! I thought I’d tried it before, but apparently not 11

is this something that can be fixed so that I doesn’t think AoEII mods are AoE 1 mods?

Yes. This used to work so looks like a new bug got introduced. I’ll track it down and fix it.