Suggested Berries/Gatherer Behaviour change(this may go for other resources as well)

Currently if a berry gatherer is focused on a single bush with other gatherers and the bush fades all gatherers will then drop off their finds at the mill/tc regardless of if their bags are full or not - I suggest that they instead only drop off when there is either no more bushes around or when their bag is full. - this will increase automatic productivity on berries.

This may be added to other resource gathering behaviours as well - it’s just more noticeable on berry gatherers.


that is just how villager gathering works. same for mining hunting herding choping and even farmers. when a resourse is used up vills will go back to drop off point even if they still have carrying capacity is not full

That is exactly what OP suggests to improve…

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my point is that it would be wierd to change it for gatherers and not every other resource. i think vill collection is fine as is. fixing bumping and vills getting trapped is a much better solution to berry gather rate. currently if you have 3 vills gathering from a single bush chances are 1 vill will go idle because it will be trapped between the other 2. i think a notification would be a simple fix to this if they cant just make pathing work


I dont see it necessarily as an improvement. Most the time your mill is right next to the berries and it takes little if any time qt all to drop off

Still is an improvement…

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I think changing this would be a step to lower the bumping already.

IF you are in favour of fixing up villager pathing, then I don’t see why you would be against this change.

It would propably increase wood chopping speed lategame by a significant amount thought

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screw it im in. i play alot of 256x tech forest nothing so having lumberjacks keep chopping untill they are full would greatly increase wood production. lets make this change happen.


It could be good if it was an option in settings. Then people can decide if they want the faster dropoffs like currently, or the more efficient gathering, like in your suggestion.

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