Suggested changes to siege weapons

Mangonel and Nest of Bees total damage reduced by a third. Bombard’s siege bonus decreased from 340 to 270. Springald’s siege bonus has been reduced from 90 to 70, and the cost has been reduced from 250w250g to 225w225g.
Chinese Astronomical Clocktower HP bonus reduced from 50% to 20%. As compensation, moved Palace Guards’ “battle-hardened” tech from Age4 to Age3. This does not lead to the OP. English and Shinra’s Man-at-Arms technology is also in Age3.

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I feel like your first paragraph changes sound great to me. mangonel and nest of bees are way too powerful still. The astronomical/palace guard change doesn’t need to happen if nest of bees damage is nerfed. Basically make seige less powerful overall so that they don’t just melt armies

Yeah no thanks. “as compensation here is one ■■■■ tech for ■■■■ unit” No. Loss of 30% of hp from clockwork tower would end chinese viability and getting access to extra hp for PG won’t even remotely compensate it


You’re really focusing on the wrong things

The only siege that needs changes is bombards health and range, in my opinion.

Nests of bees are fine, they’re super inaccurate, easy to kill with springalds, and you can dodge the shots.

What has pushed you to say this? Mangonels already cannot one-shot an army of HRE buff macemen and the Nest of Sneeze tickles at its worst.

Siege, especially bombards, just need to be the same speed as an elephant, maybe lower health as well, then we’re good.