Suggested changes to springalds

Now that mangonels no longer serve as tactical nukes (thanks devs!) the opportunity is here to consider changes to springalds. The biggest problem with this unit is it breaks the rock-paper-scissors counter system, by serving as the primary counter to itself. The solution to this seems to be pretty obvious: springalds shouldn’t do bonus damage to springalds.

Additionally, it’s a bit odd that springald emplacements in towers/keeps etc. still do the oldschool damage. The solution to this is also pretty obvious: springald emplacements should do the same base damage and bonus damage as springald siege units.

I have a lot of thoughts about how these changes would lead to improved gameplay, particularly around reducing the impact of trench warfare. But rather than a thought-experiment, why not do a practical experiment? To me this seems like the perfect thing to test out with a server side update. Worst case scenario is it breaks everything and we quickly revert it. What is there to lose?

As an extra-for-experts idea, I think it would also be good to reduce the speed of springalds. This would make it harder for people to camp under a keep and just quickly poke out to snipe trebuchets.

P.S. just a quick note of appreciation to the balance team, particularly everyone’s favourite guy, Eric Wrobel. Thanks for listening to the players and taking action on mangonels. Regardless of whether or not the change is retained long-term, or more tweaks are needed, it’s great to see action being taken on some of the main pain-points of the players. Together we’ll make Age of Empires awesome!

Now that I think about it, there’s a similar issue with culverins, albeit far less impactful. However there could be a risk that springald wars are replaced by culverin wars. So culverins should be the same: culverins shouldn’t do bonus damage to culverins.