Suggested changes to the ABUN

The abun is a pretty useless unit because of its cost, and its ability to heal is not really used in the game being totally wasted as well as its technologies, compared to the griots a very useful unit.
So they would have to change its function without altering the balance of the game, such as:

1- That the abun collect in the mountain monasteries only influence to %100 no matter what percentage this, being a mechanic to get a little more influence that if you have hausa with their universities.

2- That the abun can continue working in the mountain monasteries even if they don’t have mines but at a slower speed when they run out of mines (like 20%~25% slower).

3-That the abuns have a card in third that allows them to heal a small group of units at a distance. Similar to the griots that can tune in a small area.


I dont know, being able to heal in combat is a pretty big benefit, i have been getting my ■■■ kicked in age 2 fights of just massed outlaws and abuns for healing, they also tank pretty well since they take basically no bonus from anything


Abuns are great because you can task them on the mine and train them at the same time you train villagers from the tc. When you do a big push with the mortar you can bring them forward and have like 5 of them constantly healing the mortar it’s quite fun to do.

the healing in combat only results in very small groups of units, in an army of more than 30 units and becomes quite useless because the healing is to a unit not in area being really useful, so you would have to take more abun and with a cost of 165 gold, 5 abun are already 825 gold that is too expensive and not being at all profitable. In comparison to the griots that can heal, buff buildings, and is tuning enemies in a small area and at a lower cost of 150 gold.

They pay for themselves quite quickly though, as they are actually able to gather unlike griots. Plus you get 1 to start if you send the 2 villager +1 abun card as most do, age 3 you can send 3 griots then train just 1 and you have 5.

you can micro them to heal, effectively as a sort of targeted healing tank. They can swing fights and win games in close combat that tbh that makes them more then worth it


unless it is a treaty game, spending 825 gold is not at all profitable for the equivalent of 5 villagers, and having more abuns does not heal faster since only one unit is effective.
besides it is necessary to add the cost of the monasteries of mountain being of 170 of wood, and to send me 3 abuns in second I have to spend a sent being in paridas that are not treaty is not profitable

when you have more than 30 units and they are different, being cavalry of both types and infantry of both types, and if you add artillery you can’t be micrometering the abuns correctly.
Also, each ubuns only heals one unit, you can’t put all 5 to heal the same unit, if you want something that heals well in fourth you have a card called ignatian spirituality that does the job of the abuns and better.

The suggestions seem to me to be a good change, especially 1, since the unit itself seems to me to be quite incomplete.
The unit not having much use in the game as missionaries or doctors.