[Suggestion] 2 simple changes to improve the map pool


  1. Increase the number of maps from 8 to 10

  2. At least 4 out of the 10 maps are always “normal” open land maps (maps like Cenotes, Ghost lake, Valley…)


1. a pool of 10 maps will allow 4 bans instead of 3 for 1v1, 2 bans instead of 1 for 2v2, and 1 ban instead of 0 in 4v4.

2. I think the problem with the current map pool is that it has too many maps that are different from the standard, these maps can be fun, but not when they represent 90% of the pool.

The pool could have Arabia + 3 normal open land maps, no nomad start or walls or water or gold in the center, so maps like Cenotes, Ghost lake, Valley, even maps that are a bit different like Acropolis or Serengeti.
This way, around 60% of games will be on “normal” maps, and the rest is on a variety of different maps to keep things interesting.