[Suggestion] Achivement "I never play arena again."

So far DauT our lord and savior has the only achievement so far (Doubt Castle), I think we should maybe also create some for the other players.

I talk about this classic, think everybody knows:

You get it if you defeat an opponent on Arena, with the only military units built beeing Monks and Siege Weapons.

Motivates also practicing monk rushes.

We could also create achievements for other players, like if you loose 4 games in a row on Empire Wars you get the achievement Silver Boi. :wink:

Edit: Maybe Silver Boi also for completing all Art of War Missions with Silver, even if that is not that funny.


It’s kinda funny indeed to have achievements that are references to the pro players. The fact that they called it “doubt castle” instead of “daut castle” gives the idea that they do not want to include names of real persons in their achievements, which I think is a good idea. So, the suggestion from the title and the silver boi are good suggestions. Although the name “I never play Arena again” seems to be totally unrelated to the condition for 99% of the players.

Some other things I think of now:
“I converted one monk, I convert it back” (Convert a monk back that was originally yours)
“Where’s my team!” (Win a team game with at least one ally being defeated)
“Doink” (Maybe this is already an achievement? I would suggest: kill a (weak) villager in feudal age with your starting scout within 3 tiles from the enemy TC)

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I agree, should also be relatable to others.

Had also the Idea Build 3 Archer Ranges on a neutral Island on islands, but that is difficult to relate for players not watching streams.

Also I think a issue is, which “celebrities” get an achievement and who not. Does a player only get an achivement because you got a good idea?

Other Ideas:
No Forrest or Forrest Nothing - Cut down all trees on a map (and have at least 100.000 Wood in the bank?).
Lame Everything - Steal both boars and 4 sheep from the enemy and consume them.
Maybe skip latter since it motivates toxic play.

Unrelated to player: Forward University/Forward Wonder - build a University/Wonder within 10 tiles of the enemies starting Town center without destroying it.

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“Vegetarian” - win a game without gathering food from animals
“Boar whisperer” - eat enemies boar
“Wanderer” - win nomad game without building a TC


The Masterpiece achievement is Viper’s achievement, so this is covered already. The Silver boi achievement would be unobtainable if you get gold on a mission before getting it I guess?

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No you can still achieve it, additionally to gold you also need to complete it in silver.

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Master Lamer or Master Boar Lamer is a better name imo

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Legendary Eagl-… Boar* Master Lamer.

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You can shorten it up to “Mbl”.


Sure if you lose 10x on arena “I’ll never play arena again” :joy:

I’m all for an MBL inspired achievement.

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Thing is, the Castle of Doubt achievement is basically Daut Castle

Meaning they won’t add player names to achievements