Suggestion: Add a user filter option to the forums

So, recently some users have started spamming balance topics that are actually not balance topics anyways

I won’t get into detail about their content because I don’t intend to witch-hunt people on the Internet

I simply ask that you as the moderators, give us an option to ignore the user’s posts/content even if their profile is hidden.

Simply add a filter setting to ignore any topics by the selected users.

This way, people will customize the topics they want to watch by their own preference

Thanks in advance


Hi @ArshiaAghaei, You can ignore users under Preferences on your profile. Adding users to your ignore list will, “Suppress all posts, notifications, and PMs from these users.”


Does than filter their topics in the forums too?

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Yes. It should filter their topics too. You can also mute specific topics.


Thank you, this was helpful and needed

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