[Suggestion] Add a warning for cheat enabled games?

I just played a game this morning, standard 4v4, a couple good players, a couple bad players. It would have been fairly well balanced had someone not left on the other team. But we played on anyways.

I was rocking it, which felt like a nice change of scenery. The game progresses to the point where I’m making a final sweeping push on the enemy team, fully capable of taking them out completely.

And what is it that I come across? A full line of cobra cars from the host of the lobby blasting my army into nothing. Well, I wasn’t about to let this happen, so I pull up google to remind me the command, and I cobra car him back. Take a small force to hunt down his town centers so he can’t produce any more. By this point everyone on both teams has left (Everyone resigned on the enemy team just before he pulled out his cars). I end up getting his town centers, all of his cars, and winning the match. But it felt hollow and not fun for anyone involved :frowning:

So, my suggestion: When cheats are enabled, and you click the “I’m ready button”, a warning pops up that says “Hey, cheats are enabled, and you won’t be able to earn achievements or ranks for this match, would you like to continue?”

It’s never been a problem in the past, and so I’ve never felt the need to check it. And I know that I can start checking it from here on out, but what about all the new players who don’t know better? There’s no way it can be fun for them to get caught in a cheeky fast one like that.

Community thoughts?


I think it would generally be a good idea to highlight “non-standard” settings given that the number of settings is relatively high and it is easy to overlook things. So not only cheats enabled could be highlighted, but for example also something like “Starting Age: Castle Age”, treaties, or similar.