[Suggestion] Add an "AI persistence" option for skirmishes

I’ve seen some people complain that the AI resigns too easily when they don’t want it to, but I have the opposite problem - chasing down the AI’s 20th town center after you’ve been roflstomping it for 15 minutes with 60 paladins and cav archers, especially on bigger maps, is not fun.

Therefore, I think an AI persistence option would be great and would probably requiring just a few numbers to work. For example:
Low - resigns more easily than now, e.g. if less than 1/3 of your (or attacking/top opponent’s) army and villagers, and has <2 castles left standing
Medium - current default
High - resigns more rarely than now, e.g. if still has a few villagers or a town center
Never Surrender! - .

Would be great for people who mostly play against AI.

(Not sure if correct subforum, but I don’t see a “Suggestions” one)


I like this idea. Sometimes, I’m trying to amass a large army against the Moderate AI, but after a Castle they’re stationed near continually fires at their units, they resign, preventing my large army from getting a proper field test. I just wish I were able to have a better experience against the AI without having to use the taunt to keep it from resigning.

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I like this idea, until then you can use the taunts:
104 - makes it less likely to resign
105 - makes it more likely to resign

these dont seem to work all the time though

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