[SUGGESTION]: Add more units to the scenario editor

As DoTD was released it added a Crusader knight unit, I would love to see more scenario-only units for making scenarios such as: a European version of the Genitour but with a different shield and uniform, mounted crossbowmen etc…

Add more unit suggestions to this thread :slightly_smiling_face:


Historically accurate hero skins for all the heroes and different graphics for units who are using placeholder sprites heavy xbow bandit mounted samurai.
Most important one a hussite flailman.

Landsknecht,Swiss pikeman,meso looking skirmisher,wingless hussar units and more asian and african looking units would be nice to have too.

I would very much like to see this guy get added too.


I also wanna see the unique sprites as regular units too so I don’t have to add so many triggers to make them into regular units.

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It would be nice to have proper medieval looking villagers but it could be asking the devs too much.