[SUGGESTION] Add "Number of Town Centres" to the Statistics page

Hi team,

A quick and easy suggestion.

A lot of the late game is dependent on how many Town Centres a player builds, in order to boom the economy and gain an economic advantage.

Displaying the “Number of Town Centres Built” in the Society page, alongside Castles and Relics, would be both an easy to implement and useful post-game statistic to show.

Alternatively, if you plan on overhauling this page in the future, please consider adding this metric to your pre-existing Jira ticket.

Thanks for the latest patch and the new event.


A town center is not always for booming with. It could be used offensively.
Recently I had a Hill fort team game where one of my opponents who was Lithuanian had built many TC because of the hill fort tech.

The same could be said for Spanish where a player could just make vills and just use those to attack with.