[suggestion] adding more land-based animals

Since there are only four land animals in the game, some more variety would be nice:


  • -25% food compared to elephants
  • Plenty hitpoints (3x that of lions)
  • -25% movement speed compared to horses
  • Likelyhood to attack both people and predators around them
  • Twice the damage of elephants, yet with slower attack frequency


  • +250% food/health points compared to gazelles
  • +13% movement speed compared to elephants
  • Run away from predators most of the time
  • May attack humans that get too close to them
  • They will not engage ranged-attack units


  • Extremely aggressive; will attack nearby humans on foot, and will attack large animals when in groups of 3
  • Won’t serve as a food source, due to eating rotten animals and being scavengers
  • Less hit points compared to lions
  • Lower attack damage compared to lions
  • 13% slower than lions


  • Faster than horses, except for heavy horse archers
  • Attacks only if provoked
  • Move in groups, and are rarely alone
  • Can be hunted for food



Hmm I would add hippopotamuses and zebras, as well! And an Celtic peoples DLC should bring the classics from Age II, like wolves, boars, bears and deers!


@SlenderBadger98, could you correct the spelling for rhinos?

Problem with hippos is that they would require to be underwater in order to be realistically portrayed. They don’t usually stay out. I mean, the same happens with crocodiles, but that’s on another “level” of discussion.
Would be nice if hippopotamuses were added, but they and crocodiles should be allowed to swim in shalow water and have new animations of course.

Cool details I imagine being added (hippothetically).

As for zebras… why not!?


The animals that exist (Elephants, gazelles) are already very “African” to add hippopotamus or zebra.
More universal ones would be better, such as wolves or goats.

The wolf could have the same function as the lion, the goat the function of the gazelle.
A bull or ox could work, a passive animal that defends itself and provides a lot of meat, like elephants.

The Yamato campaign has some lions. It would be more consistent if they were wolves.


You have a good point, but…

  • more terrain types would be needed also (cold-weather ones)
  • cold weather animals wouldn’t fit in scenarios that are hot weather-based

Long story short, it all seems nice in paper, but all this would require a couple of new things that are not in the discussion for the time being. It’s good to imagine this game being better, though. If only we could sync our ideas to some very smart AI to develop the game for us…


There isn’t even snow in AOE1DE :!


That was actually the first thing I noticed when I switched to AoE II because when I played Baltic which was my first map I picked I got a snow map.


I would gladly spent my time modding this game, drawing new wonders and units, if the game were to become for free.
But, in the first place, the game don’t have any modding support, and, in the second, I will not promote a payed game for free, making it better only to bring Microsoft profits that I wouldn’t see a single penny. That’s the devs work.

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Would be very, very nice to have more animals!


If there is a new dlc they will surely add snow. New terrain is easier than new animals.


We need dogs in this AOE2DE.

You mean like… controllable units or just as props/decoration?

Well… I hope so. Though it would be weird seeing lions, elephants and the other default animals there, not gonna lie.

Like animals which can controlled and helping to hunt wild animals which can then be harvested by villagers…

Hounds as a kind of technology to help villagers hunting would be a great, and historically accurate, addition to Age IV!

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Any way to port over the dog sprite graphics from AOE3DE to AOE2DE?

In what way you think of hounds being of help? Granting some kind of bonus to hunters, or being able to use dogs at our will, like normal units, in order to aid the former ones to do their thing?

Hounds could work like scouts that specialise in finding animals like deer.

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