Suggestion: Adding politicians and Revolutionary Nations to the Tech Tree

Knowing what bonuses come with each age up is important for developing a strategy and deck. If you could somehow fit the politicians or Revolutionary nations for each nation in the tech tree it would be a great tool. If not the tech tree, at least put it somewhere. Right now the only way to find out what politicians are able to be chosen each age or for the revolution is to go online or find out inside or an actual game upon clicking the age up button.


+1. Having the revolution mechanics in the tech tree and knowing each deck beforehand would be amazing to know what to expect from them.

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I hadn’t even thought of the revolutionary decks. Yes, since the revolutionary home city decks are different now there should be a place to look them up. Maybe a view-only home city for the revolutionary nations.

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Very nice suggestion, i felt like this is missing too

The pull-down menu with civs should also be longer than 14, since it hasn’t even filled the screen.

Actually I think it can be designed like this: two pull-down menus, both 16 civs long, one with the main civs, one with the revolution civs.