(Suggestion) Addition of Hindu Kingdoms (Rajput States or the Rajput Confederacy)

Considering they’ve added a couple Muslim oriented kingdoms, the Delhi Sultanate and the Abbasids, I thought it would be an interesting idea to add kingdoms such as an overall Rajput confederacy or just a single powerful Hindu kingdom like Mewar, Malwa, or possibly even Gujarat. I bring this topic of discussion up as during the time, the Delhi Sultanate was met with fierce combat amongst many Hindu states, sparking conflict after conflict. The introduction of a Hindu kingdom could also mean a larger player base as many Indians like myself would like to play as and experience their own culture on the digital field lol. Along with this, it would be nice to ability of constructing Hindu temples or mandirs as Indian states at the time had a unique architectural styles that isn’t present in the Delhi sultanate based on images shown thus far. Like the European knights, Rajputs dominated the Indian subcontinent along with fierce Indian cavalry, fighting to the very last if they had to with upmost valor. This only a suggestion at the end of the day but I thought it would an interesting implementation to the game!