Suggestion: Age of Empires 2 add-on: Age of Empires 1


Probably not the first one who have thought of that (wasn’t able to find any relevant existing discussion though), so here it goes. Originally wanted to suggest it as a mod, but not sure about copyright issues etc. (Also I got an idea long time ago when there were no Definitive Editions.)

I think that problem with first AoE (including DE) is that is not so polished & balanced as a second one - no gates etc. Honestly I never really got that much into playing it just because I got to know Age of Kings first.

But what I really dig is the era first one takes a place in and I thought it would be really great to have its campaigns & civilizations available as an addon/DLC for AoE2DE. Probably a separate one (no mixing of civs from AoE1 with AoE2 on same map as they are very asymetric), but with some additions from AoE2 (mentioned gates, formations, some extra units for better game-balance etc.) significantly improving (and changing) its gameplay.

Since most of the units are already done for 4K, it shouldn’t be that much of an extra work and devs could still charge some money (with a big discount for owners of both games).

What do you think?


i’d really like to have this as a purchasable DLC for like 5-10 dollars, since it does need some effort to do it
but right now, i think the devs have lots of other priorities to work on


5 - 10 USD/EUR seems legit. I don’t think it would require focus from whole dev team, but I understand they have different priorities. Just wanted to leave it here and maybe someone will eventually pick it up. :slight_smile:

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I’ve already seen something like that be4, they made it as a mod on voobly and it’s honestly great
I’d be rly nice if they added it for free for people who have both games


I would LOVE for this to happen.


I am currently working on a total conversion mod. I already have converted most of the graphics. It’s a lot of work though since I have to reduce the size of every graphic by 40% because AOE DE 1 uses a different tile size than AOE DE 2.

I already invested 3 months of work into this mod but I am making good progress (it’s my first mod ever).

After converting all the unit and building graphics the next steps will be:

  • creating the data mod
  • creating an ai
  • redo all the campaigns

I will need some help with adding new graphics though (gates for example) since I have no experience with graphic designing.

If you have any basic modding experience and want to help me make this happen, feel free to contact me. :slight_smile:


Wow that sounds like an ambitious project. Hope you finish it. :slight_smile:


Do you think you will be able to redo all campaigns? This seems incredible amount of work

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Currently my goal is to finish the graphics and the data mod. For all other things, especially ai or scenario editing I will certainly need help.

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So basically AoE in AOE 2 DE? I’m confused what will happen to Yamato if there is Japanese already? Care to explain. Otherwise more content the better.

In my original proposition I would make the content separated. It doesn’t even make a sense to have ancient civilizations compete against middle ages civs (due to technological advancement, overall asymetry of units etc.).

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This is a fascinating idea. Almost as soon as I got into AoE2, I dreamed of having a version of AoE1 with all the functionality of AoE2, including unique units and techs for each civ, garrisonable buildings, triggers and the like.
(When AoE2 first came out, I didn’t want to play it at first, because I didn’t think it would be as good as AoE1, if you can believe that :joy:)

Sounds pretty cool. Do you have some progress that you can show us so far? As for the campaigns, redoing them all seems like too much work on top of everything else you plan on doing. I think that’s pretty high effort/low reward relative to the rest of the things you propose.

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I don’t have anything to show at the moment but I will let you know when time comes. Right now my top priority is to make it playable (human vs human, no AI).

Also with “redoing” the campaigns I meant porting them to AOEII DE, not creating them entirely from scratch again.

I was so hyped when AOE DE was announced and I really wanted to play through all the campaigns, but when I came out I was nothing but dissapointed. So my dream is to take this awesome part of history to the next level with my mod.


I’d love to just be able to reskin aoe 2 units with aoe 1 units, like we got to do for the anniversary celebration. Anyone know if there is a way to make those mods stick? I love the new champion and scout skin replacements more than the aoe 2 default ones.

Anniversary mod

It would be very interesting.

I would buy that hypothetical DLC instantly. AoE DE really needs things present on AoE 2 DE like Unique Units, gates, commerce, formations, etc.

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I would also instantly buy such a DLC too.

I don’t understand why they didn’t used the newer, much better version of the genie engine, wich AOE2 uses, for the remaster of AOE1.

I don’t rly think AoE1 needs UU, the game’s balanced in a way that each civ has a rly strong unit combination that others don’t have, i remember one civ having the strongest centurion ever that could pretty much 1x1 anything because of a civ bonus, meanwhile another civ has a mediocre centurion but that’s much faster because of civ bonus (iirc one of those civs don’t get access to pierce armor upgrades tho)
As for everything else, I agree

the thing abt AoE1 is that its balance and stuff is great, it’s just that the engine runs on rly sucks, and instead of microsoft remaking it in a proper engine they decided to make the game run in the same spaghetti code (when they’re rly able to make a much better engine like the one AoE2 runs on)

also AoE1 has commerce, but it’s completely inferior to the one from AoE2 and it can only be done by sea

Macedonians and Greeks, respectively.
I don’t think anyone in this thread is clamoring for the actual AoE1 DE to be changed at all; rather it would be interesting to see the AoE1 time period reflected in a game with the features and functionality of Age2, so of course it would be a fan project. As it is, I don’t know that I’ll ever play AoE1 again, but I’d definitely give something like this a spin.

Oddly enough, I actually like AoE1 trade better in some ways (despite the sea limitation) since it’s actual trade rather than foreign aid that magically fills up your trade carts in exchange for nothing. I’m not saying that the AoE2 mechanic should be changed at all, but if I were to revisit AoE1 as an AoE2 mod, I’d want to keep AoE1 trade the same (but add buying/selling resources at the market).