[Suggestion] Allow players to set military building rally points BEFORE they are fully constructed

Currently it’s possible to allocate military buildings (all buildings actually) to control groups BEFORE they finish constructing, so why not allow their rally point to be able to be set also BEFORE they finish constructing?

At the moment it’s not possible and it is so very annoying to have some units go to the rally point you want and others to their default rally points in the heat of battle, especially when it is late game and multiple military production buildings are being constructed at the same time.


Nice idea. This should be possible for all buildings (TCs, markets, etc), not only for military buildings though.


The reason why it’s not already like this is because buldings when they are being constructed are completely different buildings than when they’re actually built. So the reason why you lose your group/rally is because it goes from being an incomplete baracks to a complete baracks, which the game reads as separate entities with separate IDs.

It’s mainly not a thing because of engine limitations but if they get a way around it that’d be nice


Except, as I said in my original post, it is possible currently in-game to set control groups for buildings while they are still being constructed, and they stay in the same assigned control group even after they have finished being built, so I dont think what you’re saying is the issue.

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Yeah I think the only buildings that morph into a different entity after construction are Gates and Town Centers, because of the complexity of their existence (they have some walkable parts, and some solid parts). Other ones are the same after/before construction.

But I think this rally point thing is also hard coded in another way. Try placing a Siege workshop in feudal age in scenario editor (Where you aren’t able to make any units) and you won’t be able to use the Gather point untill you are actually able to train units from the building. It probably could be changed to be like you suggest, but idk if the devs prioritize stuff like this.