Suggestion: Archer type units don't shoot rams unless commanded to

What if Archer type units (cav archers, archers, gunpowder) would never automatically shoot Rams unless there is no other unit around?
Basically in the target aquisition code Rams would have lowest priority and only buildings would have lower priority (I might miss something here).
There is literally no reason for archer units to shoot at the worst unit they could possibly shoot at.

This would feel so intuitive if your melee units would engange units + rams and your ranged units would priorize other units first before shooting at rams.

If there is no other unit except the ram then they would still shoot at the rams and you could at any time give the archers the command to attack a Ram.

That would nerf rams for absolutely no reason. And archers shooting rams automatically if they are the closest unit is not less logical than throwing axemen shooting teutonic knights if they are the closest unit.


This would only take away from gameplay to buff an already super strong unit and would make Britons even harder to counter.


Spotted the britons main.


I rarely play archer civs but it is a reasonable mechanic in my opinion.

I’m gonna agree that this is not something I would like to see. Rams are used to draw arrow fire away and archer lines would be too strong, especially britons, if you did this. It’s fine the way it is.

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Although it might make logical sense, from a gameplay purpose, it would make rams see less use as a frontline unit, and when most opponents don’t use many rams to counter archers anyway, it seems unnecessary. Just put halberdiers or some other melee unit in front of the archers to counter both cav and rams if it’s necessary. That’s my view on it.