[Suggestion Balance] Reduce pierce armor of Elite plumed archer by 1 or reduce attack bonus

Reduce attack bonus vs infantry by 1 (get 1 in total) and against sperman line by 1 (total 2 with the bonus vs infantry like all the other archers) but increase their elite attack by 1 (5 -> 6) and by @phoenix1089 comment, reduce their hp by 5 in elite (65>60)

Mayans still need nerfs to make them balanced overall. For example rattan archer (an only archer civ without another overpowered tech - el dorado -) have less hp, less mobility, less attack vs infantry (where archer are supposed to be good, plumed archer deals 4 bonus to spearman line…), fire slower and they cost more to make and elite rattan archer actually costs gold to upgrade, and quite a bit as well. The civ in general have decent cavalier to compensate but are lacking other good stuff mayans have (more resources, siege rams)

Why every post that you make is only: "Nerf towers, "nerf Persian TC, Nerf Yeomen, Crenellations, etc… Basically nerf everything.
The game has a good balance right now to destroy things that existed since conquerors.
Instead ask how to plan a strategy.

Why no just Auto-nerf everything…


I increased their base attack by 1 to balance

And you should think that you will make a S tier unit on the edge to be OP.
Plumes aren’t OP, skirms, cavalry and siege still destroy them.

Well, reducing the attack bonus and increasing the base attack at the same time doesn’t make much sense. It is actually a buff.

The point about Rattan Archers is that they have great pierce armor, so they are better against archers than Plumed Archers. In fact they easily beat Plumed Archers 1v1. So it’s not a good comparison.


Is there way to add someone to some sort of block list so i dont need to read more topics from this guy ?


The real question is, why are you making spearmen against Mayans


Why are you making infantry to counter archers anyway?

Why are making spears against mayans in the first place 11

Leave the mayans alone, Plumes have already been nerfed


Unfortunately his profile is hidden, so you can’t put him on ignore


This is something that should be changed period. If someone wants to ignore someone this prevents that.


Or maybe just add the filter by user option on the forums so you can remove any topic/post by this user on the forums.

In fact, I’m gonna start a topic about it in #off-topic-forum


Yeah, a new thread from RoomOfTheEvil. Like any other suggestion he made: Most players dont agree with his suggestions. This is already clear in this thread. I already posted about this in an other thread:

I wish RoomOfTheEvil good luck in reaching the first place on the 1v1 ladder by abusing all the overpowered stuff he knows.

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Maaaan guys. It’s free for everyone to share his opinion. Yeah sometimes you read weird things but don’t push him or other people that is part of the community down.


Nobody is being harsh and disrespectful towards him, but his posts are endless spam of unreasoned nerfs, we already deal in the past with another one spamming similar ones to the point that got a temporary ban (yea guys you know who I am talking about)


The point is not to disrespect him
But the fact that he’s unwilling to admit his topics are simply because he’s bad at the game


he’s making infantry to counter the eagles, and then the plumes are rekking his infantry (im giving him the benefit of the doubt) this is especially important if playing a civ that doesnt have great cav.

the issue with mayans is more their insane eagles, rather than their plumed archer… yes the plumed is good, but it isnt OP, if anything only the civ is OP, or what some people around here call S-tier.

also pierce attack in the game is incredibly finely tuned, +1 pierce attack or PA has a MUCH bigger effect than +1 or even +2 melee attack/armour

the plumed archer is not great against many targets because of its low pierce damage, by buffing it (even if you’re nerfing the bonus damage) you are giving it a ton more utility, +1 pierce damage gives it a lot more fire power vs higher pierce targets (like cav), doing 4 damage per shot instead of only 3 against FU cavaliers. (35hits down from 46 hits to kill a cavalier is a HUGE buff)

and this is one of the reasons why everyone is mocking you @RoomOfTheEvil

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you say this but one of his comments was

because why would you make spears against Mayans?

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yeah only he knows… maybe meat shield??

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so i’m gonna make a low health, low pierce armor meat shield?

Totally… For reasons :joy::joy: