Suggestion: Buff Sword Saint

Sword Saint card for Japan is complete garbage. Nobody uses Samurai because they’re expensive And not worth the pop cost unless you really want to trollgame the AI and destroy their buildings instantly. Sword Saint makes the Samurai 10% more expensive in both food and gold cost for a measely 10% speed. This isn’t worth it. Coincidentally the Japanese have a 7 samurai card that inexplicably also buffs samurai HP and Atk by 5% (can be sent twice for 10% total). Please remove the effect from 7 samurai (x2) and roll it into Sword Saint so the card would give 10% atk, 10% HP, 10% speed for 10% more cost. This would make the card much more reasonable to use.

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7 Samurai is a classic Japanese movie, and the card obviously reflects how important it was to Japanese cinematography, by boosting your Samurai.
It works as both a reference, and as an excuse for you to use the card in your deck.


I’ll be honest that flew over my head despite me watching a few Kurosawa movies. I should have figured that one out…

Either way I still think the Sword Saint card is a really bad unit upgrade card and really needs a rework.

Exalted samurai in late game may disagree with you.

No. No they wouldn’t. Their core issue of costing 2 pop and being generally less efficient then a musketeer (except at building destruction) holds true. And again, this thread’s intention is on trying to make the Sword Saint card more worthwhile to use for Samurai.

Why do you want a buff to Sword Saint, one of the hardest bosses in the series?
You already got free DLC for a buffed version called “Inner Isshin”!

Hesitation is defeat!

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Well thats what massed exalted samurai are used for in the late game. While your main army is held the exalted samurai come from the side and wipe out your eco. The speed boost is kinda nice there.

Samurai are a utility unit, not a unit you can use for whatever fighting and stuff the only other unit I would consider a utility unit is the oprinchnik you wouldn’t use the oprinchnik for fighting, nor should you use the samurai for fighting, (unless it’s a team game against france because French things) the purpose of the samurais are to tear buildings and to raid villagers, sword saint is actually amazing at helping japan do this, the small speed boost can mean the difference between destroying the opponent factory and that factory surviving, it’s a late game card and in the super late game the cost increase won’t matter.

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