Suggestion: buildings and walls can be connected

Suggested future version: buildings can be connected with walls, and walls between allies can be connected.

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Or to go into more specifics, maybe the parts connected for purpose of movement or vision be a different scale. By that I mean, travel would be unhindered on the connections, but some limitations on how well they can be fortified by actual walls. Given that concept - ‘roads’ - Relatively cheap to assemble and only provide a slightly more speedy route for non combatant units. (I’ll think more on this and come back to it)

I would be fine connecting a keep with walls, but not a house or a stable. It was clear from the beginning the devs wanted to move away from the AoE II way of walling with buildings. That’s why even if you bunch all buildings together in AoE IV, you can still pass through them.


I would be happy if wooden palisade walls and stone walls could be connected.
With buildings, I actually quite like that there is always a path between them, but still they cause chokepoints, and you can use those.


I think it is feasible to link with the castle

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walling with building is not fun, it is not aoe2. the current state wall and balance are good. the thing that I would agree: the wall should be able to connect with the ally’s wall.


It’s a good idea to connect the wall with keep! Both conducive to the game, but also in line with history!

I 100% agree with this comment!