SUGGESTION: Campaign History Section

I am suggesting that for each campaign there be a ‘summary’ (like what you get when hovering over a campaign, but more detailed), and then a further detailed analysis of each mission in that campaign (and even certain people/places). I am often go and Google a heap of stuff but it’d be preferred if it was a different menu on the campaign page.

Pictures hopefully included :stuck_out_tongue:

What do the rest of y’all think?

Is there not a history tab somewhere in the game or an encyclopedia? I seem to remember one, at least in the original release. Is it no longer there?

It covers history of civs, not campaigns. And im not 100% sure it made it to de

Ah darn. I thought it covered the Civs, techs, units, and campaigns. Maybe I’m thinking of another game.
And to answer the stated question I love in game encyclopedias. Any opportunity to learn is a good one.

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Everything that was in AoK/AoC made it to DE. So it’s civ history + stuff on medieval times, but no campaign specific stuff. THe campaign stuff can be mentionned in the civ history section tho.

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