Suggestion: Challenges

Those challenges like kill a lion using a mangonel are so great except one thing: They are not. They are not challenging at all, they are not funny and the skins you get from it are also not great.
What was the only challenge I enjoyed? Barbarossa Brawl. Competition like this against your clan mates or country mates could be really good refreshment. I would welcome challenges like this which you could play against your friends. It can be anything like wonder race or survival. I hope I am not alone who would like this kind of challenge instead of chopping 10k wood in a game and get a potato skin on bbc projectiles.


I agree. Barbarossa Brawl was the only challenge that wasn’t just silly, boring, and stupidly easy (“train 10 camel units” woo-hoo!), and the only “reward” I ever liked was the gunpowder sound mod (using AoE3 sounds), and I guess a couple of the profile unlocks were okay.

I’ve said this many times elsewhere, but I’d rather the devs spent their time fixing the many bugs present (especially in the Broken Editor) or adding QoL stuff. If they’re going to bother with events, they might as well make them good, like the BB, rather than a bunch of cheap stuff that most people don’t care about, and nobody will remember or use after the event.

All of the event challenges are stupid. They mainly focus on single players, since many of them are just done by cheezing in the editor. Most the the multiplayer crowd also don’t like these challenges at all. If it was me, then I wish they just stopped with these challenges, so they can focus their time on really issues in this game. Things like the TG rating in ranked is broken since release and almost fully ignored by the devs. Smurfing is becoming more and more and issue and the devs doesn’t seem to care atm… These things should get priority over these useless events.

There was also a Mongol one (not sure of the name, Mongol Mayhem?). It rewarded you with a mod changing Mongol houses to yurts, which unfortunately you couldn’t keep - a shame, because it’s basically the only event mod I’ve wanted to keep.

What we need is real usable unit skins, not like pumpkin head knights… Unique king models, more variations of unit skins or things like vineyards or something.

Only as long as

  1. client side only.
  2. non forced download for everyone.
  3. not tied to any other content.